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Our Beliefs

A strong marriage will establish a strong foundation for a strong and stable family, building a nurturing ground for children and youth. Here in Hearty Care Counselling Centre, we uphold family as the basic unit in society, promoting quality family life and reducing social problems.

Family Centric Counselling Programme

Every individual faces moments where they are at a crossroad. Based on our Family Centric Model, we offer emotional and psychological support. We embark on a journey with you to find out who you are and know what you value.

What can you do when you face a problem?

Everyone faces social and emotional challenges at different stages of their lives. Through counselling, we facilitate you to identify and resolve problems. By making practical decisions, you can rebuild your lives. Counselling can be a pleasant and empowering experience. We are here to provide a listening ear, not to judge you. Counselling is about making a difference in your life. This is a journey that we will walk through with those who are brave to face challenges and take control of their lives



1. Counselling Programme
2. Marriage Preparation Programme
3. Mandatory Counselling Programme
4. Hearty Project
5. Family Life Education
6. Others


We offer a helping hand to those who want to cope with changes. We want you to walk out from our centre feeling positive about your life. If you think you are committed to achieve a significant change. You can arrange a schedule at your own convenience and can also come with your spouse or family.

We will first evaluate your situation together and identify what are the underlying problems on a non-judgmental basis. Next, we will explore how to resolve the problems and set realistic goals. We follow up on understanding what are your strengths and weaknesses. In the process, we will look at what works for you.


Combined Family Income Subsidy
Individual Couple/Family
Below $1,800 Full subsidy Full subsidy
$1,801-$2,500 50% subsidy 30% subsidy
$2,501-$3,500 25% subsidy 20% subsidy
Above $3,501 No subsidy No subsidy


For WHO?

Children, youths, newlywed, family or individuals facing problems.

You can call or email us to fix an appointment.
Counselling Helpline: 6715 8876
Email: heartycare@hcc.org.sg

Operating Hours: 8.00am – 6.00pm (Monday – Friday)

Address: 19 Compassvale Walk #04-00 Singapore 544644


“Want to start a happy family?”

“It takes more than 2” to sustain a marriage. We provide marriage preparation programme for couples, by our trainer who is registered with the Ministry of Social And Family Development (MSF) and has many years of experiences in preparing couples for a healthy and enriching marriage and family life.

The fees of the programme are as follows:
• Individual at $280 for 8 hours (4 hours x 2 sessions), including PREPARE Inventory & workbook
• Group (2-3 couples) at $320 for 8 hours (4 hours x 2 sessions), including PREPARE Inventory

Both individual and group sessions come with one optional counseling session of 2 hours at no additional cost


“Want to escape from the vicious cycle of physical abuse?”

The Mandatory Counselling Programme (MCP) is a counselling programme initiated by the Ministry of Social And Family Development (MSF) to provide support to families experiencing violence. It focuses on ending the violence in families and protects victims and vulnerable members from abuse. Provides a platform for the respondent to discuss his/her abusive behaviour, and find alternative responses, without resorting to the use of violence.


“Want to build a better relationship with your child?”

This is a 6 months programme that reaches out to youth-at-risk aged between 13 to 18, through structured counseling sessions and mentoring from Hearty Befrienders, to address issues such as behavioural problems, problem solving and communication skills.


“Want to learn how to build a FUNCTIONAL family?”

We provide enrichment workshops that facilitate individuals and families to acquire the life skills to enhance their social interactions and relationships.


“Want to know where to get relevant help?”

We provide referral services of community resources, bridging the knowledge gap to the community.

• Free Legal Aid by the legal professional from the Law Society of Singapore on every third week (Wednesday – Friday) of the month, either before 9am or after 6pm.

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