Drug rehabilitation is one of the community services provided by Singapore Buddhist Welfare Services (SBWS). SBWS fully supports and runs Green Haven (GH), the only Buddhist halfway house in Singapore.

GH provides 6-month to 12-month residential rehabilitation and treatment programme for ex-drug addicts. Our mission is to help ex-drug addicts get rid of illicit drug abuse and reintegrate into society.

GH Halfway House requires ex-drug addicts to:

  1. Complete a detoxification programme at the Institute of Mental Health and /or any other hospital;
  2. Be free of involvement in criminal investigation;
  3. Be receptive to Buddhist teachings.

Our programme includes individual counselling, family counselling and group counselling conducted by professional counsellors, social workers and therapists. We also provide enrichment courses, opportunities for community services, aftercare services as well as religious, cultural and recreational activities.

In the final phase of the programme, social workers assist ex-drug addicts in both accomodation and gainful employment, in order to help them reintegrate into their families upon successful completion of the programme.

Most of the reformed are now living happily with their families.


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